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Sourdough is not simple. It takes time, love, care, and close attention. Our workshops will provide you with guidance, information, and heaps of tips that no recipe book will ever share.


You will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to turn three simple ingredients - flour, water, and salt, into a beautifully complex and delicious loaf of sourdough.

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Our founder, Aleksandra, is a beacon of knowledge and ardour.

Through these great workshops, she lovingly imparts her wisdom, guiding participants on a journey that reconnects them with the very essence of nourishing bread-making.

She embraces a comprehensive and integrated approach to her teachings; you will be in the hands of a master baker, who understands not only the technicalities, but also the science of sourdough like the back of her hand.

These workshops are different from the usual cooking classes we are all familiar with.

They are formed from an intricate web of practical skill, guidance, conversation, and most importantly good food. This all-encompassing methodology aims to engage not only our hands but connect our mind and soul to this ancient practice.

The sessions are thoughtful and well-rounded, allowing participants to connect to their food and with each other. They aim to celebrate and share the importance of harmony between health, and the joy of baking. 


The sessions are held at Malvern Bakehouse, on a Sunday.

Malvern Bakehouse
2 Church Walk
Malvern, England
WR14 2XH


They begin at 9.30am and end at 16.30pm.

We encourage you to arrive around ½ hour early, to enjoy a complimentary coffee and fresh scone, get to know each other and settle in before the session.

There is a 40 min break during the workshop, where a vegetarian feast will be served, followed by wine and cheese.

Workshop plan

You will learn everything you need to bake a sourdough.

From starter preparation, ratios, leaven, mixing, shaping, scoring to baking. You will make two sourdoughs, one to bake during the workshop, and one to bake at home.

Aleksandra will teach you how to adapt to your home oven, so you can recreate and practice your knowledge after the session.


You will be provided with everything you need for the day, and baking equipment to take home (proving basket, scoring blade, dough scoop).

You will also be provided with a booklet containing all the information that would have been shared during the workshop, so you won’t have to memorise it all!

Genuine sourdough bread.
Local, traditional and sustainable.

Workshop 17 March 2024


Introduction to traditional sourdough baking with Aleksandra Moore.

At the workshop you will learn the necessary practical skills and gain the knowledge and confidence to bake delicious healthy nutritious sourdough loaves using conventional
ovens and domestic utensils.


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