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One of the highlights of visiting our bakery is the opportunity to witness the entire sourdough bread-making process.

The Bakehouse

We are a family-run bakery deeply committed to share our passion and heritage with our community. Preserving our culture is a cornerstone of our mission. In celebration of our heritage, we bake traditional goods from recipes handed down over generations.  

At Malvern Bakehouse, we are passionate about crafting artisan sourdough bread, it is our specialty and honour to be sharing it with our community. Our commitment to quality and authenticity shines through our baking process, which our customers can witness and experience.

Our open kitchen concept is the antidote to the dissociation many of us experience to food. Food is experience, it is the focal point to our existence, and we believe the making of it should be transparent and witnessed by all. At our bakehouse, you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and observe our skilled bakers in action, kneading and shaping the dough with precision and care.

As a family-run bakery, we consider ourselves devoted ambassadors of not only good food and health, but also the enduring spirit of community, sustainability, and inclusivity. We’ve inherited our recipes from our family, and baking bread is part of our effort to promote and preserve our Polish culture and family history. We want to celebrate our traditions and pay homage to the beauty of simple and real food production processes. With every loaf, we aim to weave together stories of tradition, togetherness, and heritage.

We are humbled and thrilled to have received a prestigious nomination in 2021 as Team of the Year from the renowned Baking Industry Awards.

This recognition serves as a source of inspiration, driving us to continuously excel and innovate in our beloved craft.

We take pride in using time-honoured techniques and traditional recipes, ensuring that each loaf of sourdough bread is a work of art.

So, how does it all work?

The magic of our sourdough process begins with our meticulously nurtured starters: "Matula", "Ceres," and "Malvern". These living cultures are the heart of our bread-making tradition, handed down through generations. As the starters interact with the finest organic flours, water from the pristine Evendine Spring on the Malvern Hills, and naturally occurring yeast, a natural fermentation process begins.

During fermentation, the wild yeast and friendly bacteria in the starter work together to break down gluten and phytic acid, enhancing the bread's nutritional value and making it easier to digest. This fermentation process creates an abundance of complex flavours, giving our sourdough bread its distinctive tang and depth of taste.

After the long, cold fermentation period of 36 hours, the dough is carefully shaped by hand and left to rest overnight before being baked in our stone hearth oven. The result is a beautifully crusty and golden-brown loaf with a soft and chewy interior. Our customers have the privilege of purchasing our sourdough bread while it's still warm, indulging in the unparalleled pleasure of savouring freshly baked bread at its finest.

We believe in the goodness and health benefits of sourdough.

The fermentation process not only enhances the flavor but also increases the availability of nutrients and reduces the bread's glycemic index, making it a wholesome and nourishing choice.

While we take pride in our diverse range of baked delights, sourdough bread remains the heart and soul of our bakery. From the initial stages of nurturing our starters to the final baking process, we pour our passion and expertise into each loaf, creating an authentic and unforgettable sourdough experience.

We invite you to be a part of our sourdough journey, to witness the artistry of our bakers, and to enjoy the warmth of freshly baked bread. 

Come, immerse yourself in our delightful journey at Malvern Bakehouse, where love, heritage, and the joy of baking intertwine.

Genuine sourdough bread.
Local, traditional and sustainable.
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