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How it all Began…

Our Story

Once upon a floury adventure in the charming town of Malvern, Worcestershire, a quirky couple embarked on a journey into the world of artisanal baking.

Armed with flour on their noses, and dough in their hands, they set out to create the most legendary sourdough in history!

In the year 2020, these two mad bakers turned their tiny home kitchen into a micro-bakery. With a brood of two young boys and an ever-growing garden and allotment, they danced a bonkers but delightful juggling act of baking, gardening, working, packaging, delivering, and chasing their little ones all at once!

Little did they know, their passion for baking would rise like a perfectly proofed dough.

 The local community of Worcestershire and Herefordshire gobbled up their sourdough like it was going out of style! It seemed everyone had caught the sourdough bug, and demand skyrocketed faster than yeast in warm water!

And just when they thought they had it all figured out, the world threw them a pandemic-shaped curveball.

But did this duo crumble under pressure? Oh no, not this baking bonanza! They adapted their business like true bakers, offering online orders that would make even the savviest tech geek proud.

They wrapped their delicious creations in packaging made from recycled materials, all while carefully disclosing the origins of their ingredients. Mother Nature gave them a thumbs up for their eco-friendly efforts!

As the loaves got bigger, and the bread bins burst at the seams, it was time to say farewell to their cosy home kitchen.

Like fledging bakers on a mission, they opened their very own bakehouse on Malvern’s high street where their kitchen could be open to all. A place where dough dreams come true, where the smells of home and real bread float through the streets.

Their ethos is simple yet heart-warming.
Sustainability and transparency.

Genuine sourdough bread.
Local, traditional and sustainable.
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