Evendine 50/50 Wholegrain & White Sourdough




A natural stonebaked sourdough, fermented for 36-hrs for a distinctive taste with water, Droitwich salt and naturally occurred yeast called Candida Humilis and lactic acid bacteria called Fructilactobacillus Sanfranciscensis.


For a distinctive taste, it is fermented for 36-hrs.

Water sourced from the Evendine Spring on the Malvern Hills is used by us to feed our three starters: "Matula", "Ceres" and "Malvern".

This loaf is made from Stoneground Wholemeal organic flour & strong white flour (no.4, allowing it to be lighter than the wholegrain loaf, whilst still offering much of the wholegrain flavour and nutritional benefits.

Large (approx 850g) - £5.00

Please note

Due to the nature of the fermentation process, your order will take 36-hours until available for delivery or collection. For example, if you order a loaf on Monday, it will be ready by Wednesday.

After placing and completing your order, You will receive an email confirmation that your bread has been baked and is ready to be picked up/to be delivered.
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