Bread for Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak

On the 18th of May 1944, the Polish soldier Feliks Konarski was struck by the beauty of blooming red poppies scattered over Monte Cassino. The sight of this moved him to write this verse in the song 'Red Poppy Flowers On Monte Cassino';

"Red poppies, which bloomed over night, became one more symbol of bravery and sacrifice - a tribute of alive ones, whom for love of freedom died for freedom of people."

"There was only one that could cross all the borders and boundaries in the world, and unite Poles scattered all over the most distant places on Earth: The Red Poppies on Monte Cassino".

Konarski, Feliks "Ref-Ren", The History Of Red Poppies, London, 1961

On the 19th of May 1944, Emil Czech of the 12th Podolski Cavalry Regiment plays 'The Mary Bugle call (The hejnal Mariacki)' in front of the Monastery at Monte Cassino, to mark the end of a battle.

Today, 76 years after this historic moment, 'The Mary Bugle Call' was heard in front of the residence of Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak, who was being awarded a unique commemorative medal by the Soldiers of the 12th Podolski Calvary Regime in Rome.

Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak

"Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak was born in 1923. He was a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps, participant in the Battle of Monte Cassino. He served in communications with the 2nd Corps. He has been living in Great Britain for many years. The retired lieutenant often mentions General Władysław Anders, emphasizing that they won thanks to the fact that they had great soldiers and very good, brave command.Mr. Edmund left his homeland at the age of 15. Since then, he has been living abroad all the time, carrying Poland in his heart.On May 18, 2014, in Monte Cassino, on behalf of the soldiers - participants of the Battle of Monte Cassino - Mr. Edmund, a soldier of the 2nd Corps, participant in the Battle of Monte Cassino and a member of the Board of the SPK WB Foundation, read the act of handing over the task of continuing the care of this holy national necropolis , on the ethos and tradition of the 2nd Polish Corps of youth from free Poland. Lieutenant Szymczak served as a motorcycle messenger in the communications of the 2nd Corps. He has mentioned many times how dangerous and stressful this task was.As soon as a messenger riding a motorcycle with orders appeared, he almost immediately focused on himself all the enemy's attention, who was trying hard to prevent the command being conveyed from reaching the right hands or on time. He made his way to the monastery along the paths that Polish sappers had set for them. Lieutenant Szymczak has been awarded medals multiple times".

Wisniewski, Tom, Worcestershire Polish Association 2020

The honour and privilege of presenting the medal was given to Tomasz Wisniewski. Mr Wisniewski is well known and respect by the Polish and British community, as he is the Founder of Worcestershire Polish Association. Mr Wisniewski is a person with huge passion, he holds value in intercultural and international integration while maintaining your own identity.

The ceremony was joyous, Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak received many wishes and regards sent by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - prof. Arkady Rzegocki, as well as Minister Zbigniew Gryglas, MP Robin Walker in the British Parliament and British politicians, polish children, families and polish and british community.

Representative of the HRH The Deputy Lieutentant Brigadier Lord Roger Brunt, the President of Royal British Legion for Worcestershire County and Mr Tomasz Wisniewski awarded Mr Edmund Szymczak a Medal.

More details about the ceremony can be found on Mr Tomasz Wisniewski page:

Our Evendine team played a role in this beautiful ceremony as well.

We have been asked to bake a loaf with The Coat of Arms of Poland, Polish Godło: white crowned eagle. The Coat of Arms of Poland is very important, it is symbol of the Republic of Poland, and Military eagles in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland  are eagles shaped by the tradition of the national armed force.

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December 7, 2020
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