Team of the Year 2021 Baking Industry Awards

The annual Baking Industry Awards hosted by British Baker is one of the most important event in UK's baking sector. It is special celebration of the best industry has to offer. Evendine Sourdough Bakery was one of the 42 finalists and was nominated in category Team of the Year- this category highlights solid examples of […]

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History of Bread In Medieval England

In May, I had the joy of stepping into the 13th Century and participating in a recreation of medieval living. I accompanied the reenactment group ‘The House of the Twin Tailed Lion’, who set up a wonderful medieval camp with live demonstrations of cookery, weaponry and craft.  As a medieval baker, I served the knights […]

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Fermentation - ancient ways of preserving food.

Growing up, we lived according to the seasons. It wasn’t uncommon for families in our place to live a self-sustaining lifestyle, full of growing and tending vegetables and fruits, which in autumn were lovingly preserved for the dark months of winter. Our harvest was always bountiful, so we used ancient techniques of preservation such as […]

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Bread is simply flour, water & salt...

Fascinating history about Malvern waters.

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Short videos about scoring techniques. I use my artistic creative side and naturally adoration to radial patterns of flowers and different geometric shapes. I use my lame as a paint brush, often origin idea is totally different than final outcome.

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Bread for Lieutenant Edmund Szymczak

On the 18th of May 1944, the Polish soldier Feliks Konarski was struck by the beauty of blooming red poppies scattered over Monte Cassino. The sight of this moved him to write this verse in the song 'Red Poppy Flowers On Monte Cassino'; "Red poppies, which bloomed over night, became one more symbol of […]

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Jacob Marley Mulled Wine Sourdough Bread

We were met with an opportunity to experiment, and create a loaf with the addition of an unusual ingredient: mulled wine! We combined Jacob Marley Mulled Wine with our sourdough starter, flour and spices, which resulted in wonderful sourdough bread which has been appreciated by Helen Creese. Helen wrote in her blog: "You haven't tried […]

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Sourdough bread from the starter to the loaf of bread.

Sourdough bread is made by the fermentation of dough using naturally occurring Lactobacilli and yeast.

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Aleksandra Moore Evendine baker

Aleksandra Moore

She revels in the alchemy of turning flour, water and sea salt into round and golden loaves.

She’s able to do so through nurturing wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria naturally present in flour, to create a rich ‘mother starter’, from which all our loaves are made.

The process of creating our bread is traditional, we utilise no faux yeast or preservatives - just nature and time.

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